The Bedales Chair

The Bedales Chair, originally known as the ‘Mission’ chair , was designed by Ernest Gimson in 1906. It was later renamed after Bedales School.

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Director & Producers - Alex Rae & Duncan Parker

Executive Producer - Hugo Burge

Cinematography - Duncan Parker

Editor - Jack Roberts

Head of Production - Mo Ahmed

Original Score - Jausme Stonkute & Isaac Ellis

(Earwitness - Kankles & Double Bass)

Ashton Fox (Piano / Electronic)

Sound Design - Claudio Ahlers

Colourist - Jon Howard

Motion Graphic Design - Robin Littlewood

Additional Cinematography - Sam Finney, Ben Pryor & Ryan Atkinson

Runner - Tess Benjamin

Special Thanks - Lawrence Neal, Robin Wood, David Linley, Matthew Rice, Paul A. Shutler, Dillon Bryden, Annette Carruthers, Caz Hulbert, Jane Kirby & Bedales School

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